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Tax Valuation

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Charitable Contributions

If individuals or businesses donate property other than cash to qualified organizations, they may generally deduct the Fair Market Value of the property. SVG’s team of professionals can assist clients with Fair Market Value appraisals and issues surrounding the value appreciation of the properties donated.

IRC 338 - Certain Stock Purchases Treated as Asset Acquisitions

This election permits the acquirer to treat the purchase of the stock of a subsidiary corporation as an acquisition of assets followed by a tax-free liquidation, often leading to a stepped-up basis for such assets. Under this election, the target corporation should be treated as if it has sold all of its assets in a single transaction on the acquisition date. Our professionals can assist corporations, lawyers, and auditors by Providing Fair Market Value Analysis under this election.

Property Transfers

Transfers of property, including intangible property can trigger tax issues. A thorough valuation analysis can assist with tax planning and as well as tax compliance.